Milo’s store is still running, today at November 14, Think Progress had posted a story The walls are closing in on Milo Yiannopoulos, but they don’t seem to be. He is still giving speeches. Another site,, shows signs that it’s still turning into something. So, are the walls closing in or not? What gives?

Milo supposedly breaks the mold: He’s a Conservative homosexual. But, anyone who knows anyone who has known anyone in the last ten years knows that Milo isn’t breaking any mold by being a Conservative and a homosexual. The mold he broke is to be famous while being normal. Personalities and self-important big shots only seem to like homosexuals and Black people if they agree with their politics, Conservative or Liberal.

There’s no reason for Milo to fail in his business. He was a leader at Breitbart—a news site with a very interesting history, one that had a starting similar to Drudge.  · · · →

When Synergy Sheds Skin

When Synergy Sheds Skin

We easily presume that survival requires certain instituted structures and systems to overstay their welcome. But, that is mere nostalgia. Institutions, though necessary, are less necessary than we think. That which is erected by Man will always be outlived by Man.

When society does things in a better way, that better way will always downsize some jobs, but many more work opportunities will spring up in their places. Better and better systems will be invented by the synergistic combination of opportunity and necessity.

In that process, humanity sheds institutions as a snake sheds its skin. Life always finds a way.  · · · →