Forced Voices

Forced Voices

Sometimes, people just don’t listen. Maybe that should be rephrased—sometimes, people listen. Better yet, people rarely listen.

When we talk nice, we get ignored. For some reason, people only listen to loud voices. Forget all about the fact that the person talking started talking quietly. Forget all about the rudeness of ignoring someone or continuing to do something one shouldn’t be doing in the first place. Once the person talking talks loud enough to get overdue attention, the “ignorers” complain about the loud voice.

It’s their choice. Voices ignored become voices raised. It’s a forced hand—or forced voice.  · · · →

Stay Human

Stay Human

Talent and technology enhance each other, but they can’t replace each other. Skill and hard work can improve technology and technology, in turn, can empower our skills and diligence so that we can make better and better stuff, more by the day.

The temptation is to rely on technology to replace our skill. Good stories don’t result from algorithms or automated production processes. Machines can’t invent wit or charm—only well-timed playbacks of real human wit at best.

Don’t let tech become your crutch. Put away your GPS and learn the lay of your land. That’s how trend-setters get found.  · · · →

How to Break Up Google

News Corp has called for Google to break up. Good call. Here’s one way to break up Google:

  1. Make Gmail an installable web app and allow full export of email, calendar, and contacts, using self-hosting and allowing the address to continue on self-hosted, “federated” cloud.
  2. Sell Google Ads entirely and to two separate companies, allowing both new owners to pay Google for user/meta information on a royalty/subscription -like basis.
  3. Split off YouTube into its own, separate entity, but allow continued optional integration with the same Google services—or with other services such at Yahoo.

This would be an opportunity for Yahoo to make a comeback. We do need balance in the market and no monopoly is good.

Will it happen? Probably not. Google’s belligerence has probably destined it to become a utility. But, it sure was a nice dream while it lasted.

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Break the Glass

Break the Glass

Most problems persist because people don’t want anything better. Sure, on the surface we could say that problems persist because people won’t do anything about them, but people don’t do anything about their problems because their problems are the best they ever think they can have.

Actually, everyone’s own glass ceiling is mere imagination.

Do you think every conversation must end with someone storming out of the room? Do you think projects won’t finish or people won’t learn? What imaginary limits do you place on yourself? If you can’t imagine your life and stuff being better, they never will be.  · · · →