The General Motors’ image of a two-passenger, no-driver car overlooking the San Francisco skyline isn’t what it seems. Rather, it is what it does to people.

Even the semi-smart people running GM know that no market-dominant car would look like that. Self-driving cars would have a much more comfortable interior. The image merely implies a car with all passengers and no driver. That’s it.

Leo gave us the ides a few years back in his movie Inception. The idea has been introduced to the masses. The test is not so much the notion of governments making the slue of exceptions to allow GM to turn the public roads my mother drives on into giant rat labs. The real test was how the public will respond. Whatever objections show up, expect a well-propagated rebuttal from GM propaganda in the near future.

Of course the self-driving car has two incredibly obvious problems.  · · · →

Rights or Lifts

Rights or Lifts

Demanding rights and what one “deserves” is a sure sign of immanent downfall. Advocating rights for others is another story—lifting the defenseless from despair. When privileged leaders demand rights for themselves: Look out! That’s a captain plowing directly into a field of icebergs.

Many a successor takes over an organization started by someone else. That new leader didn’t scrape to lift the organization from the mud. Without dirty, hard work, the organization wouldn’t exist at all. Founders don’t take their hard-earned results for granted—they don’t consider results a “right”, but a “privilege to pursue”. Buy stock in lifters.  · · · →

Oprah is a celebrity and billionaire because of her amazing work as a host and story teller. With Trump’s “billionaire-celebrity” status having made him seem bulletproof, his opponents think that Oprah could defeat him in a head-to-head in 2020.

I’m going to tell you why that can’t happen in 2020, but it is a serious consideration for 2024.

Being a billionaire, host, and celebrity jettisoned Trump into the spotlight. But, his achievement in business delivered him the victory.

Oprah has her billions from her celebrity work. Trump has his celebrity status from the hard work he did elsewhere in business. Oprah has not done or accomplished that kind of work—at least not the kind of work necessary to defeat Trump in 2020.

The very reason that Trump’s presidency will continue to be a success through his second term is the very reason Oprah could be looking at a serious bid after him.  · · · →