Getting Email Private Email Servers

Email is a “thing” everyone deals with, so I actually decided to blog about this because there is so much to say.

I run my own VPS software to manage email, cloud backup & sync, and online shopping stores—all in one place at one low price. It’s called “Verb™” and you can see the project here on GitHub if you’re interested:

So, you set up your blog and online store, but where do you send your email from? Many people consider sending from within Gmail. But, “Sending from” a non- address within Gmail is a premium feature. Quirks in email setups are a normal thing no matter which rout we take. Google actually has a paid service just for managing your email for you and that has its own quirks which my sister had trouble with.

If you use Gmail to “Send from” a non- address, when you make major updates to your private email server, you will have trouble sending via Gmail until you set it up again.  · · · →

Whose Pockets Are Deep?

Whose Pockets Are Deep?

Once the city gets built, residents easily loose the conscience that built their city.

Projects yield good results because of wisdom, tough decisions, doing things that aren’t popular everywhere, even paying above market value, firing friends, and hiring enemies, all because of the quality of work that will get done. But, after the hard work, hard thinking, and hard choices become history, human tendency is to take the yield for granted.

Pile that into urban populations with infrastructure and real estate unsustainable without farmlands. Understandably, urban populations favor public spending. But, it’s big money, not bankrupt government, that spends big.  · · · →

Sugar Push

Sugar Push

Backing down is not the same thing as being sweet and charming. Friendliness includes pushing forward, leaning on slow doors until they open.

Reject the lie that nice guys have to finish last. Actually, nice guys finish first so they can take the trophy home to their loved ones who supported them—and put up with them—through all the difficult training necessary to win.

Nothing gets done without turbulence. Races require sweat. Construction requires demolition and dust. Even trees break up the ground as they spread roots. Life grows better if you’re sweet, but winning makes your sweetness worthwhile.  · · · →

Treat Friends as Friends

Treat Friends as Friends

Treat your friends well. Friends are friends as long as you treat them like friends. The moment you fail to forgive, fail to show mercy, or even fail to share is the moment you make your best friend into your enemy.

It’s not that your lack of compassion and kindness will offend your friend, though there is that. The problem runs deeper: Men are not inclined to die quietly.

When you fail in friendship to share and show mercy, you require that former friend to fight you to survive. That choice adds insult, so such friends won’t object to fighting.  · · · →