After Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 18.04 is great! I’ve beta tested it, tweaked Vrk (my desktop quick setup app at to recognize the new desktop features, and it all just works! Bravo Mark, loved Unity with certain desktop setting tweaks from Vrk, but it’s great that GNOME has been “Unity-ized” for more of what everyone wants and one less desktop environment for me to support for Vrk.

Now, can we all please take a break from this “perfect desktop push”?

Don’t get me wrong, I want to come back to desktop and I even have a few priorities I’ll describe here. But, there are other issues with Linux on desktop computing, mainly more external hard disk support and printing.

Linux started as terminal work, just like DOS back in the early 90s. OS2 was a dream that should have been, Windows 95 broke the mold, which even Linux desktop systems still use (the ‘Start’ menu as a one-for-all resource and right-click context menus).  · · · →

Keep Most Problems to Yourself

Keep Most Problems to Yourself

The most important lesson about people and problems is the obligation to do something helpful; never attack and never become entangled yourself.

If someone in fact has a well-earned reputation for broadcasting problems, be supportive, ward off any attackers—because wicked people like to beat on the oppressed—and encourage them with the insight bystanders naturally troubleshoot our problems when we divulge our problems publicly.

If you have a real problem, ask for help. Some will be quick to provide the minimum you need, being their brothers’ keepers while preserving your dignity by carrying the equivalent of your own weight.  · · · →