Don’t Be Fooled by Today

Don’t Be Fooled by Today

Don’t be alarmed over politics. Politics are almost always predictable, in an “unpredictable” way. The more you study history, the less you’ll be surprised by any curve balls, politics notwithstanding.

Many people try to explain or understand political leaders whom they despise. But, it’s difficult to understand someone you don’t respect. And, it’s difficult to respect someone you fear because you misunderstand.

So, don’t try to understand today. Try to understand what happened yesterday. Try to know what happened yesterday. Don’t be alarmed by today’s bad news. Live today, but study the past. Then, life just might be less alarming.  · · · →

Why I Smile on Airplanes

Why I Smile on Airplanes

“Open the door, mate! Please, just open the door.”

Knocks continued as I took my shower at the hostel in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon. It’s not every day that your shower gets interrupted by a drunken Britt from Birmingham needing to, well, more kindly than he put it “relieve himself”.

I knew who the guy was. We had talked recently and I didn’t feel in any danger. In fact, danger hadn’t even crossed my mind. I have no problem letting a bro into the bathroom when nature calls. I mean, a man’s gotta’ do what a man’s gotta’ do when a man’s gotta’ do it.

“Well, I need a moment.” My body was covered in soap and I wasn’t about to trudge soap across the floor.

“Please! Just open the door. I just have to take a [leak]. I’m drunk and I gotta’ go!”

“Coming.” I wrapped my towel around my waist and opened the door.  · · · →



Encouragement never hurts.

Sometimes we need truth, especially when truth is as hard to find as it is to hear.

Sometimes we need correction, all the more when we’re going the wrong way.

But, we always need encouragement.

Encouragement is not a blanket claim that any ambition can be achieved by any amount of effort or by any means.

Whether chasing a goal or seeking a goal to chase, remember that success awaits everyone, on the condition that we pursue the right goal in the right way with the right effort. That’s encouraging. Remind yourself. Remind everyone you meet. Encourage.  · · · →