Hard, Unfair Work

Hard, Unfair Work

The amount of hard work needed to survive is unfair. But, so are the payoffs.

Every victor, every winner, every success story did an unfair amount of hard, smart work—too much, in fact. That’s why they make victory look so easy.

Don’t be distracted by fairness. Nothing is fair, even  your strengths. Everyone has an unfair advantage and an unfair disadvantage. Often times they are the same. What makes it fair is hard work and self honesty about why hard work fails.

Keep going. Once you’ve done more work than you need, you’ll be rewarded more than you deserve.  · · · →

Open Letter to Shepard Smith


I write this as a friendly critique, honest, and hoping to fuel progress. This isn’t run-o-the-mill disrespect from a dissident. Your hunger for the story is as enticing as your delivery of it. Even when I disagree with your conclusions, I’d rather watch you than a yawn-time anchor.

To the sword, I think you could have done better at times. Among the many more you probably list for yourself, two particular examples stand out for me.

1. Kimberly Davis, County Clerk, Rowan County, Kentucky

The real story was not about Kimberly or about homosexuality, but what happens shortly after someone has a “come to Jesus moment”. The word on the street is that she recently had such a moment. It is very difficult to confirm without either a regular blog form Kimberly herself or without a sit-down with both Kimberly and her close Christian associates. But, let’s run with this version for the sake of analysis.  · · · →