Traffic Light Conspiracy

Traffic Light Conspiracy (mp3)

Alex Jones rambles about new world order… Obama’s DOJ personally verified that the people of Wisconsin support their governor who was re-confirmed, Tuesday… But, for all the hype, I never hear about the greatest hand of evil in the world today: traffic lights.

Think about it…

We hate it when we call customer service and are told to “press one for English”… but the traffic light doesn’t let you press anything. You just have to sit there until it re-routs you.

Religious leaders will tell you to obey the light bulb—applying Jesus’ Command to “love your neighbor” to a set of electronics. Better not offend the Holy Light Bulb.

Policemen have authority to tell drivers to ignore the light bulbs. But too many officers camp next to quiet intersections, making sure you don’t disobey the bulb. I’ve always wondered: If a policeman has the time to sit an an intersection, shouldn’t he be directing traffic to make it operate more smoothly?  · · · →

Amway Up

Quixtar lawsuit! Long overdue? It’s called BSM or “business support materials”… you know, the books, tapes, and conference tickets that no one technically needs. Think of it as a kind of “parallel business” to the Amway structure. Finally, “class” met “action” and the lawyers talked.

In normal commerce, companies like Coke and Pepsi can’t share the same directors. That creates a conflict of interest because they essentially compete with similar products. If one person was a high executive in both companies, that person might be called an “interlocking directorate”.

But, in MLM, the game is different—it’s not if a leader is in similar companies, but non-similar/overlapping companies. Most MLM’s forbid their business members (or distributors or IBO’s) from being involved in another MLM. But BSM is like a kind of second MLM, creating a potential “conflict of interest”… at least that’s the way I see it.

BSM… the tools, the tapes, the books… They are great, actually.  · · · →

Was It the Dog or the Jellyfish?

This article originally ran May 25, 2012 and was re-recorded January 30, 2017.

After three years in Asia, this was the first beached jellyfish I’d seen. But, before I explain how I rescued a beached jellyfish in Taiwan, allow me to tell of the cockroach who saved my life.

Normally, when a country-born Michiganian sees a cockroach on its back, the first inclination is to step on it. Call me cruel, but I’d prefer the gratification of knowing it just sat there on its back. Yes, I pulled wings off a fly when I was young. But, that’s because he bit me when I never did anything to him! All that’s in the past, now, and here I was looking at an Asian cockroach doing the cockroach dance.

When you think of it, cockroaches are quire useful creatures. Imagine how many corners would be so much dirtier if they didn’t clean up!  · · · →

Can of Worms, Anyone?

Escalation is the LAST thing anyone wants. What part of “provoked” don’t we understand? If Zimmerman walks, it won’t be for long, sadly. That’s because of the precedent that would be set.

This isn’t about racism or profiling, but that’s where it will go if we don’t figure out where we went wrong.

If you see a “suspicious person” then you’d best stay away—DAH! Why on earth would anyone want to get close to someone who presented a reason to call the police? If you are stupid enough to pursue and provoke a “suspicious” person, that person is the one who can plead “self-defense”, not you.

As I blogged recently, according to reports, 911 instructed him not to follow. The police had been advised. Had he obeyed the police, no one would have been hurt. Instead, the assailant was cut, punched, beaten… and the other guy was in far worse condition: Trayvon’s injuries were few, but fatal.  · · · →