Prayer will keep us from disunity. Disunity will keep us from prayer.

Sarah Palin said that America needs a “Come to Jesus” moment about our national debt. The same is true of our debt to each other.

Prayer can unite us. Petty differences in theology, especially in literature, have only ever divided us. We’ve got the Church Councils. We have the Bible. Why can’t we come together and pray?

The American Church must evaluate Christian leaders based on their ability to bring distant Christians together. I don’t merely mean their desire to bring Christians together, though that’s a great start.

The last verse of the Old Testament explains the spirit of the New Testament: Turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons and the hearts of the sons to the fathers. That was the work of John the Baptist—preparing the way for Jesus.

The 2012 election wasn’t about Democrats vs Republicans. We elected a Republican House and a Democrat President. No.  · · · →

Design the Door

Design the Door (mp3)

There’s something you should know about doors in Asia. They are incredibly strong.

Asia-Pacific sees all forms of typhoons, weather, critters, and other phenomenon of creation trying to penetrate their tropical homes. The doors keep most of it out.

East Asia has been making door keys longer than the West has been making disciples of Jesus. So, naturally, strong doors come with the territory.

One thing that hasn’t seemed to catch-up to the epic doorway integrity of Asia is the frame the doors close within. They aren’t that strong.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. The door frames in Asia are stronger than door frames of the West. It’s just that the doors themselves are so much stronger and heavier… The door frames keep the doors shut very nicely, but if you close the door too fast it can damage the frame. I mean, they swing shut like a city gate that would have rivaled Samson himself.  · · · →

Does Prayer Exist?

Does Prayer Exist?

It has been said that Satan’s best scheme was to convince people that he doesn’t exist. And, sure, many people think that there is no devil—that “Satan” is merely an excuse, to avoid ownership of there own bad choices. And, of course, that ideology doesn’t seem to accept that bad choices could have an outside influence. But refuting a “devil-less” theology isn’t my purpose in this article.

Perhaps it’s better to say that Satan’s best scheme was to convince people that he is Jesus. That’s a two-fer-one. On the one hand, evil people who worship Satan—whether wittingly or unwittingly—can convince themselves that they worship Jesus, after all. Many leaders in high positions are prime examples—of both the witting and unwitting servants of Satan… but so are many hypocrite Christians. We’ll avoid naming names because, again, that’s not our purpose here.

On the other hand, there is another advantage for Satan if he can convince people that he is Jesus: People who love the truth, but who have only been introduced to hypocrite Christians, often hate the so-called “Jesus” that they’ve heard about.  · · · →

Ed. 3

The Denialist: Edition 3

Our company has no profit. Our employees have no homes because we can’t afford to pay them. We never guarantee quality, only low prices, always. Join our plan to bankrupt our suppliers because we won’t pay them anything either. Join our war against profitability!!

Frank: Gee, they need a good book on brainstorming.

Joyce: Don’t be so negative! Who doesn’t want to shop with low prices?  · · · →