Does Literature Cause Division among Christians?

Recently, I had a large number of hits on my blog from a single location. Someone sat at his computer and literally clicked through every article I’ve posted. I know when someone is doing their homework on me, whether through a blog or checking my references… not that I mind of course. Let’s just be clear that background checks are rarely done in secret. More importantly, it made me remember something I noticed in the highly-divided American denominations: lack of fellowship.

American denominationalism—including divisions between “independent” congregations with a denominational spirit—are filled with argumentative Christians who are well-versed in literature of their “opponents”. Very few, however, show any sign of regular fellowship with influential leaders from the “other side of the tracks”. Christian denomination leaders don’t seem to actually sit down and have regular fellowship inside their respective cliques.

At most, they accidentally meet back stage at a conference like Promise Keepers.  · · · →

TSA Improvements

If it’s a problem that Sikhs are “randomly” asked to remove their head garments, why not get smart about airport screening?

I’m not opposed to good security, but TSA and regulations seem to be more bureaucratic and invasive than strategic. If Dr. Edwards Deming assessed TSA for “quality per time and cost”, the agency might turn up wanting.

No offense intended at all. Actually, Sikhs are quite a peaceful group, but head turbans are a place where something dangerously non-metal could be hidden. Why not have a rule that “all head garments” be removed, including beanies and Dick Tracey hats. The rule should also go for three-piece suits and bulky jackets—any excessive clothing for that matter.

What about super baggy pants? If you wear them, mandatory frisking from mid-thigh on down… everyone. None of this crotch grabbing. Just have people hoist their trousers so security can see that there’s nothing suspicious up there.  · · · →

Why Blacks in the Hood Should Vote Conservative

I Voted1. Conservatives support carrying hand guns for self-defense. Blacks in the ghetto know how important that can be. Conservatism would have wanted Trayvon to be able to defend himself and “stand his ground” also.

2. Conservatives want it to be easy to start your own business. The biggest problem isn’t having start-up money, but getting the government bureaucracy out of the way. With the system, for example, you could hire employees without having to pay a CPA. Just give them money, that’s it… legally. But Democrats want to punish you if you have your own business ideas or if you give jobs to your friends.

3. Bling bling. They call it “taxing the rich”, but let’s call it “hating on the bling bling”. I like bling and you should too. Democrats aren’t your friends if you’re ’boutit ’boutit and like bling.

4. With big government out of the way, you don’t need a college degree to get ahead.  · · · →

Why I Swung to Romney

For some reason, Santorum always reminded me of that preppy church boy who shows his evil temper when things don’t go his way. Newt, with all our forgiveness, proved unfaithful to his political donors. I saw Romney as a talking calculator. Seriously, I was ready to vote “Obama” in the name of Conservatism’s spite for mediocrity. But, these last few months, Romney’s won my vote and here’s the reason why: He’s learning.

It’s typical for a Republican candidate to preach hard line Conservative through the primaries, then become indistinguishable from the Democrat nominee. Maybe this is because Republican consultants think “Independent voters” are “Moderate voters”. That bean-counting strategery method makes people think, by making it hard for the electorate to distinguish between the Republican and the Democrat, the Independents will get confused and split 50-50. But, I never understood “smart” people, like consultants, MBA’s, and MDiv’s who count “beans” instead of “mojo”.  · · · →