Microsoft Word Measurement Units

Having trouble getting the measurement units to show properly in Word?

Try going to Options >General/Advanced > Measurement Units (depending on which Word year 2003/2007/2010).

If that doesn’t work…

Press ALT+F11. This opens the macro editor.

Press CTRL+G (View > Immediate Window). This provides a ‘chat’ window in which you can type vba code to be executed immediately.

In that window, type: Options.UseCharacterUnit = False

Sometimes, units result from Regional Settings of your main system. By setting this as False, the system regional settings in Windows will no longer override the units you select in Word Options.  · · · →

Satan’s Good Intentions

Satan’s Good Intentions (mp3)

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. That’s what dad always said. Maybe that’s because Hell is, in fact, the destination of “good intentions”.

Orange OrangeBy “good intentions” I mean mere good intentions… as in, when intentions are given greater priority than results.

Jesus said to the Church of Thyatira, “And all the Churches will know that I am the one who searches mind and heart, yet I render to each one of you according to deeds.” (Jesse’s translation from Greek.)

This was the Fifth of the Seven Churches Jesus addressed in the beginning of Revelation. To this Church, specifically, Jesus introduced Himself as the one with eyes like fire. To the Greek mind, that means that His sight pierces every shield and even brings about change.

So, Jesus sees everything. So what? you may ask. And that’s exactly His response: So what! He sees our intentions—every one of them.  · · · →