An American’s Mixed Feelings about China

An American’s Mixed Feelings about China

I’ve lived in Asia four years and my feelings about China are unconventional and mixed.

China’s international policy seems the same with defense and intellectual property: They claim rights to everything. But, Beijing Communists are not Nazi’s, as the West often perceives. Nor is Chinese Communism the same as Russian Communism.

Hitler wanted to take over the world because he worshiped Satan. Russia’s Communism placed government above God. Beijing, on the other hand, just wants respect—from other nations and from religions inside their country. But, China is still learning how to gain that respect. Maybe they’d have more respect if they settled more and disputed less. No one respects people who boast their accomplishments at every opportunity, yet always attempt to dominate neighbors. China’s no exception. They’ll learn, though, contraire to conventional Western opinion.

As for religion, China is phenomenal. Under Beijing’s Communism, China’s Christian Church grew to become the largest, fastest-growing, and healthiest in the world.  · · · →

Election 2012

Most of my ideas about the election have already been said… most people’s ideas have already been said by someone. Romney spiked in the first debate. Biden’s a jerk and it shows like a Freudian slip. And I don’t like Moderates anywhere… not in politics, business, or the Church.

In the second presidential debate, I thought both candidates didn’t answer the first few questions head-on. Was the Secretary of Energy right, that his job is not to affect fuel prices? We still don’t know if Romney agrees… but Mitt did say a lot of good things about energy North America independence. Toward the end, Romney really had his game. We don’t have a “gun” problem, we have a “family” problem. As much as I’ve come to respect Romney over the past six months—now that he’s more real and less calculating—I was still surprised to hear someone talk about how crime originates with the family situation… on national TV!  · · · →

Circles of Fifths

The New Circle of Fifths…

Circles of Fifths

The Circle of Fifths is for daydreaming musicians. Once you know your way around, let your mind wander and you’ll invent great chord progressions etc. Understanding the modulation flow of the Old Circle of Fifths helps enhance your mind-wandering music-day-dreaming ability. Each triad-chord is paired with the relative Major and minor chords, ie: C Major and a minor are next to each other. Three consecutive pairs constitute a key, with triads and mode scales based on the Major and minor scales in the center, ie: G, C, and F pairs are all in the key of C, using the C Major/a minor scale and whatever mode changes you make for the others (G Mixolydian, D Dorian, etc, all using the same notes as the C Major scale).

With the New Circle of Fifths, we add the seventh tone for both the Major and Harmonic minor scales.  · · · →

Ed. 2

The Denialist: Edition 2

Jimmy: Japan just bought an island that they dispute with China. So, now Japan owns it outright. But why didn’t the Communists in Beijing think of that idea—to pay for land they claim?

Frank: China’s all about low prices! Their government obviously isn’t hiring expensive enough consultants.  · · · →