Team Shmeam

“Teamwork” isn’t all it’s smacked up to be. What actually makes people quarrel is confusion about what “game” they are playing.

If we’re all playing basketball, and some guy comes along and joins the game, but he starts expecting us to follow football rules… well, it won’t be long before we start arguing. That’s because we would no longer be playing “basketball”—we’d be playing “basketball de facto football”… where we use basketball words, call it “basketball”, but, actually, it’s football.

Probably, we wouldn’t get along with that guy. He might start condemning us for “not being team players”. Actually, we are great team players, but, we’re a team at playing “basketball”, not “basketball de facto football”.

The only people who could get along with him, well, probably don’t like to call things what they are. His only friends—the “team players” as he refers to them—like to play football, call it “basketball”, and tell everyone else we’re stupid and “don’t play well with others”.  · · · →

Ted Talks… here we go…

That’s how Ted talks (that’s Nugent, not TED Talks, the counsel of geeks and elites with entertaining videos).

Everybody knows that he’s a hunter who talks in “hunter” terms and shooting a coyote is merely equivalent to voting against someone in an election. It wasn’t a personal threat against the president by any means, though he doesn’t always use the most velvet of gloves. Ted likes bravado and has a lot of bark, but Romney met him up close and knows the softer-gentler Nugent.

And of course, as Ted is doing what Ted does, Secret Service is doing what Secret Service does… except in Colombia. Normally, when someone talks big like Ted talks, Secret Service pretends to investigate, using no common sense, because, as everyone knows, if Secret Service demonstrated common sense, well, people wouldn’t respect them. So, like in Meet the Parents, Ben Stiller, “…said ‘bomb’ on an airplane.” Time for the security to waste their time on someone we all know is harmless, just so the bad guys don’t take advantage of common sense in the future.  · · · →

In a PIG’S Eye

Raids on pig farms? Michigan’s DNR appears to be doing so.

The law was announced in October of 2011, no wild swine in Michigan. So, farmers had plenty of time to prepare, but is the DNR handling it properly? Frankly, I don’t know. That bothers me more than anything. ® recently posted an article that seemed written by a nutcase, calling for arrest of DNR agents and suggesting the possibility of lethal force against them. Sorry, but I don’t go for that.

If the DNR is invading private pig farms without due process, as the article claims, yeah, they are in big trouble. But violation of due process can’t be met with taking the law into our own hands. If it actually happened as reported, then the entire DNR must be investigated by the State, not individual citizens going after individual DNR agents.

But, the article fails to report why the State has declared the species dangerous.  · · · →

What It Feels Like

I’m a Christian.

I don’t force my beliefs on others. Rather, I enjoy time with people who think differently. But, society doesn’t seem to accept that.

I’m a Christian.

Churchianity hates me if I don’t hate those tho disagree with me. Others who hate Christianity hate me if I believe that ideas like black, white, red, and plaid can be defined.

I’m a Christian.

I have friends who are homosexual. They know I don’t agree with them and they remain my friends. Is this not allowed? Must we agree prior to friendship?

I’m a Christian.

I join the two million and increasing number of Christians, about half of them in Asia, who find that the single greatest thing they did to grow closer to Jesus Christ was to make Jesus their only pastor and abandon clergy. Western Churchianity persecuted them, slandered them, so the Chinese Communists imprisoned them and killed them.  · · · →