Christian ‘Offenses’

The topic of “offenses” is referred to in the Bible and relates to Jesus’ teaching about End Times (Mt 24:10). Paul also discusses the topic in relation to the End Times (2 Tim 3). This is different from leading people into sin (Mt 18:7, Lk 17:1), though it relates on the grander level of the topic.

“Offenses” between Christians is an important topic. It can help to understand some causes and their “flow” or order of the “domino effect”.

Offense, theoretically, should never happen to a mature Christian. If you are offended, that indicates an area you can grow in. Jesus was never “offended”, even when he cleansed the Temple.

Usually, when we are offended, we look at whatever offends us from a perspective of “that person was wrong”, but we don’t categorize their wrong doing properly. To overcome something that offends you, evaluate the nature of the offense right away.  · · · →

Proven Opinions

Proven Opinions

Everyone wants an opinion, but not everyone understands. This goes for many topics, politics not the least.

What is the purpose of a political opinion?—To be angry at others? To blame others? To think you have all the answers so you can sleep at night? To make the world a better place? How is your goal going?

What evidence do you have that, if you had to put money on your political opinion being right, you wouldn’t lose everything you own?

When you are proven wrong, do you re-evaluate your opinion-making process? Without reevaluating, opinions won’t ever prove right.  · · · →