Friends Outskill

Friends Outskill

Isn’t it a great thing when your childhood friends learn a technical skill that you could never understand—and you learn another technical skill that they could never understand.

The concept of “mutual non-understandability” seeds the source of respect.

How many people fight because they think their ideas are better than everyone else’s! Everyone’s an expert referee at a sports game—the ref isn’t there because he’s smart, he’s just the idiot in charge. We treat each other that way.

No one can fully understand a fellow human; advanced, specialized knowledge helps us to realize that just a little more.  · · · →

I was pondering the reports about the school shooting last week when it occurred to me… Does America know the difference between pouring venom on a wound and speaking painful truth in dark times?

For eight years, we put up with the Obamas, yet many claim Trump is the one pouring gas on the flames?

What about the “bitter” people who “cling to guns and religion”?

What about a first lady who was only then finally proud of her country?

What about a Obama’s pastor and the “US of KKK A?”

Are such statements the kind Anti-Trumpists would have Trump make with a Right-Wing spin?

Can you name one “inflammatory” remark from Trump for which he didn’t have a solution already on the table that was being rejected?

I won’t beat the dead horse beyond this: Let’s not declare verbal “open season” on inflammatory speech. Those pointing the finger have eight years of fingers pointing back at them.  · · · →