Facebook Laptop Parenting

Drug dealers should feel threatened by responsible parenting in Tommy Jordan’s laptop video. If I were in the police department, I’d investigate the people who complained about this teen delinquency prevention and look for anything that encourages juvenile delinquency or delinquency within their own households. Parenting makes a difference, for better or worse. Believe it. Act on it.

http://www.wsoctv.com/news/news/local/youtube-dad-who-shot-daughters-laptop-gets-visit-a/nHbcR/  · · · →

Special Business Secrets

It is only a theory, but not without reason. Too many new business plans start with a large loan when it’s not necessary. Markets and changing times have too many factors for anyone to be right all the time. Real estate flipping is a bit more predictable and depends more or less on how many people are in your address book. But new ventures.. What actually makes a concept successful?

Does the logo need to change? Will your “need” expire in the second year of a three year plan? Does the product need excessive engineering or is it best to shoot from the hip? Can YOU shoot from the hip at this target market or do you need to hire an expert? Which expert should you hire or how should you hone your own accuracy? How do you know who to hire for this industry?

The questions for new ventures can only be answered with testing.  · · · →

Perseverance and Punishment

Perseverance and Punishment

Needless to say, I’m a concerned for our country. It’s not from the economy—the state of which dates back to the Clinton years when the laws were set that affected the housing crisis. No, it’s not which political party is in charge—sometimes I can’t tell the difference, but that’s true of nearly any country’s politics. And, no, it’s not Obamacare—though I still think the country asked for it in November 2008. I finished grieving over the nationalization of Romneycare by the time Obama took the oath of office.

No, I’m concerned about a potential stand-off between honest police and honest citizens.. and it’s all from a misunderstanding.

I was raised as a Michigan Militia Redneck. Yep, a bitter nut who “clung to guns and religion”. That was me. It was how dad raised me. Don’t get me wrong, all my life, dad respected police officers and soldiers and he even taught me to respect every City and State Trooper, even if a traffic cop was in the wrong.   · · · →