War Worry Not

War has been brewing for quite some time. More recently news has picked up on it. But I’m not worried because I already saw it coming. Many thought I was worrying. Quite the opposite. Because I have been alert, worry never crossed my mind. Don’t confuse worry with sobriety. Drunkards might have trouble with this.  · · · →

Credibility Check

The Point

OPINION—Much of what we know from long history is anecdotal at best, coming from tradition. But could that actually be more credible than the academic obsession we have today?

General Eisenhower insisted that as many photographs as possible be taken of the Jewish Holocaust aftermath because, some day, so he claimed, someone would try to deny that any of it ever happened. Now, not even a century later, accredited academians and even Middle-East governments are making the denial Eisenhower predicted. What’s the point in certification if it doesn’t stop such obtuse lies? Perhaps, certifying the lies was Satan’s intention all along.

Tradition tells us that there were two zodiacs. Yes, TWO! The first was held by Noah (the guy with the ark) and his ancestors. Supposedly, Noah believed that the stars told a story of a loving Creator God who would redeem humanity through a suffering messiah borne of a virgin.  · · · →

Satan v Policy

Satan can’t understand Policy Governance. This means two things: 1. A leader who who can’t understand the difference between rules and Policy Governance is likely influenced by Satan and not discipled by God through Scripture and 2. by sticking to Policy Governance, you will be as invisible to Satan as Ultra Violet and Infra Red light are invisible to humans.  · · · →

Elections and Leadership

Elections are not won by candidates who lead in the polls in every survey, every morning of every day. If that were the case, not even God would be in control. No one would marry. No children would have parents. Reagan couldn’t have been elected. And Jesus could never return. Fortunately, that’s not the way things are.  · · · →