Unforeseen Dependence

Unforeseen Dependence

Don’t count on anything. The moment you craft for yourself any reliance on what the future might bring, you’re locked into the unknown and render yourself a leaf in the breeze.

Abandon old structures. Drop shame. Withdraw perfectionism. Be your best, be yourself, and march onward.

We can’t know what the future might bring. Making oneself dependent on any outcome—when such dependence is anything but necessary—is lifestyle Russian roulette. The way through the future is agile strength and adaptive readiness, not stock planning nor course plotting.

Usually, dependence on the future stems from immaturely prioritizing wants above needs.  · · · →

Presentable Presentation

Presentable Presentation

A kid handed me a paper with a Bible verse written on it. The way he handed it to me didn’t make sense. It drooped down to the floor. His hand was closer to me than the actual paper. The side of the paper facing me was blank.

I honestly didn’t know what he was handing me, if it was a joke or he just didn’t understand presentation.

He needed the talk on giving something to someone: so the recipient knows what it is.

Rather than ranting about marketing, I’ll merely mention both marketing and precious diamonds in their rough.  · · · →

Net Neutrality: A Letter to Congress

This is my letter to Congressman John Mooleanaar, May 17, 2018

Congressman Mooleanaar,

I am writing about the recent “Net Neutrality” issue. I believe that some aspects of this issue should be bipartisan, including a Conservative flavor. I myself am a Conservative in every way I imagine.

The Declaration of Independence references “Laws the most wholesome and necessary for the public Good”. I believe that this includes preventing monopolies and de facto utilities, such as many Internet giant companies have become, including ISP and Social Media giants like Google and Facebook. The Constitution protects the people, from government by creating checks and balances, and from fascism (private wealth and corporate money) by creating a government to prevent monopoly. It is freedom of the people to grant final consent for governance of their own freedoms, not “all powers surrendered to the private sector”, that makes one a Conservative.

So, Conservative ideology, as I just described it, must defend the Net Neutrality issue.  · · · →