Does Prayer Exist?

It has been said that Satan’s best scheme was to convince people that he doesn’t exist. And, sure, many people think that there is no devil—that “Satan” is merely an excuse, to avoid ownership of there own bad choices. And, of course, that ideology doesn’t seem to accept that bad choices could have an outside influence. But refuting a “devil-less” theology isn’t my purpose in this article.

Perhaps it’s better to say that Satan’s best scheme was to convince people that he is Jesus. That’s a two-fer-one. On the one hand, evil people who worship Satan—whether wittingly or unwittingly—can convince themselves that they worship Jesus, after all. Many leaders in high positions are prime examples—of both the witting and unwitting servants of Satan… but so are many hypocrite Christians. We’ll avoid naming names because, again, that’s not our purpose here.

On the other hand, there is another advantage for Satan if he can convince people that he is Jesus: People who love the truth, but who have only been introduced to hypocrite Christians, often hate the so-called “Jesus” that they’ve heard about.  · · · →

Satan v Policy

Satan can’t understand Policy Governance. This means two things: 1. A leader who who can’t understand the difference between rules and Policy Governance is likely influenced by Satan and not discipled by God through Scripture and 2. by sticking to Policy Governance, you will be as invisible to Satan as Ultra Violet and Infra Red light are invisible to humans.  · · · →