Luis Cataldo on Conflict in Close Relationships

@Luis_Cataldo had some great quotes at IHOPKC this weekend. It was great and I had to share…

Jesus is into human relationships.

There’s great freedom when we name our stuff and we own our stuff. The invitation to human beings is: There’s freedom in naming your stuff and owning your stuff.

And I think that we just need to go, you know what: I broke it, I bought it.
And most of the time, that’s not a revelation to anybody else, that we’re broken, it’s just a revelation to us.
Other people, especially those closest to us really see it, it’s not a shock to them. And so, when we finally own it, they go, “Yeah.”

Us owning our stuff gives us great freedom.

The goal, particularly with those close relationships, is restoration, it’s not just agreement.

The goal is restoration, it’s not being proven right.

And, I’m 55 and I’ve realized, there’s no delete button on those significant relationships, the really close ones… ’cause the Lord has a way of bringing them back around again.

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Christian ‘Survivalism’

In business, culture, End Times teaching, sin, Bible study, and many other topics, American Christians seem to be caught up in surviving rather than thriving. Sometimes, Christians teach that we “escape” hardship. Other times, Christians teach that we are “mostly oppressed” during hardship. Rarely do we see a theme of “thriving in the midst” of turmoil. Rarely do we see a theme of “strength in the storm” and “peace within the conflict”. Perhaps our modern theology would be more accurate if we developed our beliefs from tornadoes and tropical storms: The eye is calm.

Whether Pre-Trib Rapture or Post-Trib Rapture theology, Christians seem to presume that the Church is the “surviver” in the End Times rather than the conquerers, who defeat injustice and mass genocide. Most Pre-Trib explanations believe that God’s judgment in the presence of the Church would be “punishing the Church”. But those teachers forget that Israel was in Egypt during the plagues, though Israel did not experience the plagues.  · · · →

IHOPKC: Urgent Call to Surf

Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, called the nation to urgent prayer. IHOPKC has responded seriously. Anne is not better than any one else. But she is in-the-know. She’s wired. Her father advises many presidents and other important leaders. The family has friends who know what happens behind the scenes. When praying woman or man who is wired makes an urgent call to prayer, it’s wise to respond.

Here are my own feelings about this weeks urgent call to prayer…

There have been a number of statements and Scriptures about a nation being offered mercy if it “returns” to the Lord. My own random Bible reading last night was, for the first time, randomly opening to Jeremiah 4, “If you return…” Another friend stumbled on Psalm 47, which declares that the Lord God is king of all and praises Him for being so. Allen Hood, from IHOPKC (see link above) explains that he believes the nation is facing judgment, not from any prophetic dream or vision, but simply from the Scriptures.  · · · →

Looking for Truth

I get questions and comments once and a while like, “How can you be sure that the Bible is legitimate? How can we know what Jesus actually said? How can the earth be created in only 6 days? The Bible has wisdom, for sure, but I just can’t believe the factual claims.”

I’m giving a very simple answer to this. Questions deserve answers and evidence demands respect.

Firstly, for anyone who asks these questions seriously, who is interested in these ideas—not just looking for a fast excuse to invent personal religion—you need to familiarize yourself with two books: The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel and The Evolution Handbook. That should be a good enough start to decide whatever you want.

Responsible research means hearing from credible sources in favor of a belief—not only credible opposition, not only ignorant believers either! There are a lot of Christian idiots out there.  · · · →