Why I changed to Ubuntu GNOME Studio at 16.04

I use Ubuntu GNOME on all my machines. I write and maintain my quick install scripts here:


After the new 16.04 LTS, I knew some things could change. Some did, some didn’t. I will update this as the developers fix any problems.

KDE I still can’t stand.

Ubuntu (Unity) is a yeah-yeah-yeah-boo.

Ubuntu GNOME is great with mods.

Xubuntu is robust and delightfully boring as always.

Ubuntu Studio (Xubuntu-based) seems to have gotten a face lift. (a change for the better)

[rant] Before I get into these by item, I need to say: If the repo gods can get xscreensaver updated in time for 16.04 after two weeks of boot nags, what the hades is wrong with ownCloud and their grabastic version-named client repo URLs that have no 16.04… in April of an LTS year!? Only ownCloud rejected me on a GitHub bug fix pull—they wanted the bug, they said.  · · · →

How to Podcast

Podcasting involves innovation, skill, and tools.

Innovation always changes. Skill is about pronunciation, pauses, willingness to use out-of-comfort-zone on stage style of speaking, and listening to yourself (live via headphones, listen afterward). Lots has been written about these two.

This is an article about tools (with some extra thoughts about video and photos at the end)…

The Electro-Voice RE20 is coveted by many analog in-studio DJ’s and talk radio hosts. Podcasting, however, is digital. So, USB is pref! The key word is “condenser [mic]”.

You need:

  1. Mic-headphone gitup
  2. Foamyness and sound-proofing
  3. Recording software (free is good)

Here’s the list of hardware on Amazon…

Mic-Headphone Gitup


Cheap and easy for beginners — Blue Snowball

High-road (my choice) — Blue Yeti (Yetis love: shock mount, desk stand, pop filter – DO NOT get a suspension boom for less than $200. Cheap mic booms are too small; this desk stand w/ shock mount recipe is best budget option.)


Grado Labs — Hand made in USA, family, Brooklyn, quality, low price.  · · · →

Seven Reasons I Chose Xubuntu Over All Else

Update: This is depreciated, kept for reference. Please read the new, relevant article on GNOME Studio.

Disclosure: I install Ubuntu Studio on Xubuntu:

sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-audio-plugins ubuntustudio-graphics ubuntustudio-photography ubuntustudio-publishing linux-lowlatency ubuntustudio-video ubuntustudio-menu ubuntustudio-desktop

As a web developer, blogger, musician, podcaster, brand manager, graphic designer, copywriter, and author, I need a lot of stuff.

I need to look under the hood, but I want to close the hood. I need the engine to keep working and I need it to run slick and quick.

That pretty much eliminates Mac and Windows, not to mention Apple no longer has Steve… and Windows, well… you know. (On the same machine, two-finger scrolling doesn’t work in Win 8.1, while it does on Xubuntu/Kubuntu. #synapticNoUpdate)

Alternative Considerations

Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS… They require too many mods. So much is already written for Debian and Ubuntu. #proprietaryism Will CentOS follow suit with the SugarCRM exodus to SuiteCRM?  · · · →