Ed. 3

The Denialist: Edition 3

Our company has no profit. Our employees have no homes because we can’t afford to pay them. We never guarantee quality, only low prices, always. Join our plan to bankrupt our suppliers because we won’t pay them anything either. Join our war against profitability!!

Frank: Gee, they need a good book on brainstorming.

Joyce: Don’t be so negative! Who doesn’t want to shop with low prices?  · · · →

Ed. 2

The Denialist: Edition 2

Jimmy: Japan just bought an island that they dispute with China. So, now Japan owns it outright. But why didn’t the Communists in Beijing think of that idea—to pay for land they claim?

Frank: China’s all about low prices! Their government obviously isn’t hiring expensive enough consultants.  · · · →

Ed. 1

The Denialist: Edition 2Jimmy: I don’t see why polls whos Obama and Romney both at 47%. Myface shows Obama at 30 million “likes”. Romney only has 8 million.

Frank: What about Romney’s rate of new Myface “likes”? That’s what determines elections.  · · · →