Taiwan: A New Meaning of “Student Government”

Taiwan: A New Meaning of “Student Government” (mp3)

The “sunflower” student movement recently “retook” Taiwan’s Legislative chamber, and briefly the Executive Yuan. China’s Communist Party never defeated the Nationalists. But, Taiwan’s own students interrupted KMT-Nationalist (国民黨) control for the first time in history.

More truth has been spoken from the student-controlled Taiwan Legislature‘s floor in the last 200 hours than in Taiwan’s 70-year history and, arguably, in the 235+ years of US Congress. Unlike the “occupy” movement in America, Taiwanese are clean, they don’t loot or leave graffiti, and they talk about liberty and democracy like an American Tea Party.

Taiwanese students raised the bar of freedom for everyone.

Health Care Damned America

Health Care Damned America

Health Care Damned America (mp3)

Whether Obamacare or Hillarycare, nationalizing health insurance—rather than removing frivolous lawsuits that made health care unaffordable—could only bankrupt both families and governments.

Builders won the war, then barked at their kids without instructing them. Boomers barked at their parents and taught their own children to rebel. The “Obamers” generation mainly entered politics because Obama ran, often voting against Obama—but they shot from the hip, without first understanding unintended consequences.

Under-budget, spread too thin—America will inevitably be invaded. The question is: Will we surrender to God first or China-Russia later?  · · · →

Lazy Bible Critics

Lazy Bible Critics

Lazy Bible Critics (mp3)

The Bible has been under attack as long as it existed. The problem with Bible critics is that they don’t know when they’ve lost. In each generation they sing a different tune with the same old song.

Many questions about Bible manuscript credibility, science and Bible, or the credibility of “faith” are answered by Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, or The Evolution Handbook. Many alleged “Bible contradictions” impose a modern-Western assumption of writing genre, quotes, documentation, and figures of speech, which are answered by a basic understanding of ancient literature.

More importantly, Bible critics don’t read the Bible all that much.  · · · →

The Deceased Party of Cannibals

The Deceased Party of Cannibals

The Deceased Party of Cannibals (mp3)

Ted Nugent admits to chasing young girls 40 years ago. If he were a Democrat, he’d wear it as a badge of honor. But, as a Republican, it means Christians will cannibalize him.

“Throw the first stone,” Jesus said, “he who is without sin.” Christians, from the faith of forgiveness, from the religion of mercy, each knowing that he himself has been forgiven, pounce without waiting—not when they are reminded that every man is a sinner, but when they see the evidence after the devil digs up the dirt.

Politically speaking, cannibalism hasn’t worked  for the failing Religious Republicrats.  · · · →