Fake ‘I Love You’s’

Fake ‘I Love You’s’

Fake ‘I Love You’s’ (mp3)

When the disgruntled public gathers to express their disapproval of their government, politicians hide in velvet offices while the protesters face off with the police who could often care less about the issues. The textbook passive-aggressive response is for the cowering politicians to pretend that the public objects to the police instead of the policy makers by saying, “We love the police. Why don’t you?”

While ancient spin tactics undermine the intent of the public, thus breeding conflict, nothing is more insulting to the police than fake “I love you’s” from politicians who roused public dissent in the first place.  · · · →

Why We Need Patriots

Why We Need Patriots

Why We Need Patriots (mp3)

There is always a small number of people who try to seize government’s power, secretly and behind closed doors. They don’t care about the public, only their own quest for power. This is why all police in America legally swear to obey a Constitution above any “fuhrer”, supervisor, lieutenant, general, or president.

Having seen this great need first hand, George Washington said, “A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”

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The Price of Mastery

The Price of Mastery

The Price of Mastery (mp3)

Everyone can’t be an astronaut or MBA player, but without practice no one would know how to get to Carnegie Hall. Professional parents often give foot-on-the-ground advice: Pay the bills first, then pursue your dreams.

Writing books, composing songs, designing winner websites, and decorating canvases require a recipe of time and inspiration. Working 9-5 steals time. Hardship is the seed of inspiration, which daily exhaustion kills. And having the bills paid isn’t “hardship”. If owning a yacht is your goal, consider medical school. But if you want to be a master, paying the bills might eat all your main ingredients.  · · · →

Taiwan: A New Meaning of “Student Government”

Taiwan: A New Meaning of “Student Government” (mp3)

The “sunflower” student movement recently “retook” Taiwan’s Legislative chamber, and briefly the Executive Yuan. China’s Communist Party never defeated the Nationalists. But, Taiwan’s own students interrupted KMT-Nationalist (国民黨) control for the first time in history.

More truth has been spoken from the student-controlled Taiwan Legislature‘s floor in the last 200 hours than in Taiwan’s 70-year history and, arguably, in the 235+ years of US Congress. Unlike the “occupy” movement in America, Taiwanese are clean, they don’t loot or leave graffiti, and they talk about liberty and democracy like an American Tea Party.

Taiwanese students raised the bar of freedom for everyone.