Bridegroom Paradigm

Someone recently asked a question about teachers who say the Bridegroom Paradigm is not Biblical. Here was part of my response:

John 3:29 describes Jesus as the Bridegroom. Revelation 21 describes the New Jerusalem as being like a bride. Jesus uses the parable of the Ten Virgins in Matt 25. These alone keep the Bridegroom paradigm on the table.. unless someone wants to claim that Matt 25 doesn’t apply to Christians.

In terms of actual interpretation, yes, there are many layers of meaning. Scripture is poetic, which means that it has artistic and literal meanings—BOTH.

In terms of the paradigm itself, technically, Israel/Jerusalem is the actual Bride, and the Gentile Church is the FRIEND of the Bridegroom. However, furthering our walk with Christ by considering the relationship between Bride and Bridegroom can be useful and accurate.

But let’s make this super-simple, and not to be crass, but look at what their objection actually implies: They accuse Bridegroom paradigms of being grotesque.  · · · →

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// Carl Medearis raised some interesting questions with his ministry among Muslims. I refer you to an interview and teaching since I will not attempt to summarize his own opinion.

We would do well to see the difference between Do-ers and Writers. Carl is a Do-er, not a Writer.. though he is an Author with some books. Anyone can author a book and some Authors even get their books published—like Carl. Writers carefully understand something and express it so others can also understand. They have an analytic skill and a way with words. Carl, on the other hand, has a way with people.

Reconciling different peoples at war with one another, explaining Jesus to people who hate Christians, and choosing the right words to get one’s self out of a tight pinch certainly take people skills—that’s Carl. He tells of miracles and favor—things the Apostle Paul also had.  · · · →

Christian Digital Media Style Guide

(companion to the AP Stylebook)

..because characters is everything.

*For tone and content/delivery style, see the guide on Elijah Style Style & Journalism Ethics

Abbreviations — In digital content, periods in abbreviations should be optional, including Tweets, social media status, SMS (text messages), and online chat, but not titles. If the abbreviation is widely known the period takes unnecessary space. If the abbreviation is not known spell the entire word. etc, eg, viz, v, vs, ie.. are “known abbreviations”. Mr., Mrs., Sr., Jr., Dr., Rev., and other titles that precede a name abbreviations should receive periods so the reader is not distracted. Titles that follow a name, Ph.D. should only be used in an author line and not in article content unless it is the first mention and at the end of a sentence (to consolidate the period use). Within article content write “Dr. Lamvermeyer” in an author or quote citation or at the end of a sentence in article content “Famous things happen unexpectedly.” – Dathan M.

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